Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rural School Advocates Missed You

All Interested-Quick Update;

We are pleased to announce the creation of the “Rural School Advocates of Iowa”.  RSAI will advocate for students in rural schools to assure a fair, equal, and quality education.  Member schools will collaborate to promote legislation that strengthens rural education for students, by;
1.  Educating others about the value of rural education to the state’s economy and future of Iowa as an educational leader in the nation and the world;
2.  Building the capacity and understanding of other groups with similar interests on legislative and educational issues to build a stronger voice;
3.  Securing adequate resources, academic and financial, to provide first class educational opportunities for rural students; and
4.  Maintaining local control through the flexibility and authority of locally elected School Boards.

The Legislative Group is working on the final list of Legislative Priorities which will be sent out to all interested districts for their vote in the week ahead.  Our search for a Professional Advocate is already underway.  In addition, Board materials are being developed and the website (www.rsaia.org) is being updated to assist in explaining RSAI’s Mission, Vision, list of Legislative Priorities and the benefits of membership for rural schools. 

We are asking that each Board place membership in RSAI on its next Board Agenda.  Please remember, that 100% of dues collected will go to pay for a Lobbyist representing our issues at the Capitol.  We cannot set dues until the Lobbyist is retained, so we are suggesting that in your Board action approving membership, you set a limit of $1,000 in dues.  Dues will not be collected until the necessary legal and financial frameworks are in place.

If you feel that it would be helpful for a member of the Leadership Group to introduce RSAI to your Board, please let us know and we will try our best to get someone there.  For further information, please contact any of the Leadership Group:
                Brad Breon, Moravia/Seymour, Supt, brad.breon@moravia.k12.ia.us
                Gregg Cruickshank, Sidney/South Page, Supt, gcruickshank@sidney.k12.ia.us
                Joel Davis, Coon Rapids-Bayard, Board President, jrdavis@netins.net
                Kevin Fiene, East Sac, Supt, kfiene@eastsac.k12.ia.us
                Lee Ann Grimley, Springville, Board President, grimleys@netins.net
                Robert Olson, Clarion-Goldfield/Dows, Supt, rolson@clargold.org
                Brian Rodenberg, Midland, Supt, brodenberg@midland.k12.ia.us

Much Thanks,
Joel Davis

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